Our Client Portal Is Causing Ripples - Initial Questions, and Their Answers

Yves Ortiz

Our client portal has found much interest, which has led to some queries around our innovative platform. This article aims to outline and answer some of the key questions.


Can I use the client portal exclusively for my clients?

No. Our client portal's strength lies precisely in its availability to all staff and service providers. During numerous talks with our end clients, we have found that they find it tiring and untenable to have to log into several staff providers' portals and be confronted with a different system every time.

Can the client portal only be used by staff providers and their clients?

No. The client portal can of course also be used within an organisation. For example, departments which require personnel can 'hire' the required number of staff members from HR (or a similarly central department). In this case, the HR department acts as a 'staff provider'.

Will the platform enable my clients to also collaborate with other staff providers?

Yes, but only if previous business ties exist. If your client only works with you, they will only find your company on our platform, as it exclusively shows existing business contacts.

I am interested in the client portal, but have my own workforce management system in place already. Can I connect my system to the portal?

Yes. After the initial pilot phase, the client portal will feature a well-documented REST API which will enable you to connect your system to our platform.

The most important facts, in a nutshell:


Can I use the client portal as a stand alone software solution without any connection to a workforce management system?

Yes, absolutely. End clients as well as staff providers can use the client portal simply as a platform for coordinating assignments.

When using the platform, can I decide which companies I would like to work with or not?

Yes, this is in your hands, so you can decide at any time which companies you want to collaborate with on our platform.

What does the roadmap look like?

At the end of November/start of December 2020, we will present the client portal to everyone who has registered their interest. Our free trial phase will start shortly afterwards. In this pilot phase, your feedback will help shape any further development. We are planning to roll out the full version of our platform in April 2021.

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