How to Improve Staff Planning for Match Days at Football Stadiums

Thomas Ungricht

A match day at a football stadium is an experience many supporters would not want to go without. However, it takes more than just a great match to have a good time - behind the scenes, many hard-working staff members ensure that everything runs smoothly and safely. Scheduling them can be an HR challenge - but it does not have to be.


As anyone who has ever been to a match knows, all hell breaks loose in football stadiums on the weekends. For a few hours, while thousands of fans cheer on their club, several hundred employees are on duty in various areas such as catering, security or VIP boxes.

For every single member of staff to arrive at the right place at the right time, an involved recruitment and planning process is required. On match days, permanent staff will be working alongside casual workers who want to earn a bit of extra cash - a rather heterogeneous group that can consist of anyone from students to pensioners.

Stadiums should therefore consider two things:

  • Keeping the time investment in resource planning low, and instead using this time for employee training and quality assurance.

  • Switching to automated time tracking - this not only lightens the workload, but also improves employee satisfaction.

Large sports stadiums in Europe rely on sophisticated software for match day planning

In Europe, more than 20 sports stadiums are recruiting and planning with the web-based solution Staffcloud. These include the BayArena in Leverkusen (Germany), the Red Bull arenas in Leipzig (Germany) and Salzburg (Austria), the Ratiopharm Arena in Ulm (Germany), as well as several ice hockey rinks in Switzerland such as the Tissot Arena in Biel or the Bosshard Arena in Zug.

Work schedules via app

To achieve efficient and cost-effective staff planning for match days, more and more stadiums have realised that they need an intelligent software tool to manage their staff pool. Read this article to find out how an ice hockey stadium in Zug, Switzerland, has successfully implemented Staffcloud to improve their scheduling.

The key to success is a web-based application that staff members can use on their mobile phones. Especially younger people working in stadiums today expect to receive their work schedules via an easy-to-use app rather than e-mails or phone calls.

Huge time savings

The BayArena in Leverkusen, Germany, relies on the web-based solution Staffcloud, which has reduced the time spent on scheduling for match days by two thirds. This means that staff planners at the stadium can concentrate more on quality assurance and training workers. This also helps to keep staff turnover low.

As time recording and recruiting is integrated in the software tool, planners and HR personnel can view and monitor key figures regarding work times, attendance and pay at any time.

Make staff planning for match days a breeze

Staff planning for match days brings with it many challenges due to the ad-hoc nature of the work. A software tool can bring structure and provide a good overview in an otherwise hectic profession.

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