How Staff Providers Get Closer to Their Clients - With the Help of a Portal

Thomas Ungricht

As a staff provider, your aim is to communicate with clients directly and efficiently. The Staffcloud Client Portal streamlines all client requests and bookings, so you and your clients can work even more closely together, and save much time.

Acquiring staff, knowing which team will be at work today, planning work times - these are all daily tasks for companies (such as hospitals or food service venues) who rely on staff providers for their personnel needs. The tasks are regularly repeated, and in most cases, the repetition still requires analogue or manual steps.

Staffcloud is closing this technology gap and provides all staff providers with an innovative client portal. And this is how it works:



What is the client portal's functionality, and does it suit my needs?


Which type of staff provider can benefit from using the new client portal?

The portal is particularly suited to staff providers who specialise in personnel secondment and hiring out staff. They could be active in many areas, from nursing and care to hospitality, construction or manufacturing. Their clients regularly require these agencies to send them staff - for anything from a day to several weeks at a time.

Which problems can be solved with the new client portal?

  • Hiring staff - your client enters data outlining whom exactly they require.
  • Providing staff - once you as the service provider have chosen who to send to a client, they can see their team at once.
  • Your client can sign off on work times, while you stay informed at all times.
  • Both your client and you as the service provider are given an overview of all assignments and their status.

What are the system requirements?

A current browser on any smartphone or PC is all it takes. Your client can easily hire their staff on their device of choice. All data is saved and accessible in the cloud. In addition, you can connect the portal with your own system or a third party system via its REST API.

What does it cost to access the client portal?

During our Early Adopter Program, access is free. The Early Adopter Program starts at the end of October. The new client portal is currently still in an early development phase and we would like to hear your feedback. This will give you the opportunity to actively help in creating the client portal, and to ensure that it does an even better job at addressing your clients' needs.

How can I participate in the Early Adopter Program?

We invite you to register by using the button below. From the end of October 2020, we will start our test phase. We aim to widely roll out our client portal in Q1 2021.


Register for the  Early Adopter Program


What does the Early Adopter Program entail?

You, along with a select number of our clients, are given access to a fully-functional client portal for free. The portal will be in its live-testing stage from December 2020. You and your clients can test it for several months at no cost. Your feedback will directly impact its development.


You have questions regarding the client portal, our Early Adopter Program, or staff planning in the cloud? Contact us anytime:

Phone: +41 44 586 39 39



Register for the  Early Adopter Program



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